5 Essential Pointers You Should Not Forget When Boarding Your Dog

If you want to board your furry buddy, finding a situation that will suit you and your pet much better and conveniently is the path you need to take. There are more choices you can consider nowadays when you need to leave your pet in the care of others. Aside from canine boarding facilities or kennels, there are dog sitters you can hire to look after your dog in your home or theirs.

Boarding your four-legged buddy in a good facility helps ensure they are well looked after while you’re away on an important matter, vacation, or business trip. However, certain things must be done before boarding your beloved pet to guarantee they have an enjoyable experience. Now, how do you prepare before boarding them?

How to Prepare Before Boarding Your Dog

While it’s often challenging to leave your beloved companion behind when you have to attend to an important matter or vacation, sometimes it’s necessary. So we’ve gathered five preparation tips to reduce all your worries while your pet stays in a boarding facility.

1. Train them to socialize with other dogs

If your dog isn’t used to socializing with other dogs, you need to consider training them on how to interact socially before the boarding date. This will enable them to quickly familiarize themselves with other dogs, helping them to adapt to boarding centers. You may browse the web to read more about dog boarding facilities.

2. Maintain their usual diet

While several boarding centers provide food as part of your pet staying over, changing their usual diet may wreak havoc on their tummy. In addition to their nerves due to a new and unfamiliar place, surrounded by their fellas and noises, changing their diet may be an equal disaster.

Bring your pet’s typical diet with certain directions for the staff on how much they should feed your pet and what time of the day. Also, ensure that your furry buddy’s teeth are in good condition before bringing them to boarding facilities to ensure their best condition and prevent discomfort.

Consider bringing them to professionals specializing in cat & dog dental care for teeth cleaning to keep their oral health in shape.

3. Bring your pet’s medical records

Make sure to bring your pet’s copy of medical records as the majority of boarding centers require certain types of vaccinations. Without your pet’s proof of vaccination, they won’t let your pet stay. Additionally, Let the staff know about your pet’s current medical problems so they can provide better care. Lastly, don’t forget the dosing guidelines if your pet is on medications.

This is a great perk when boarding your pet. Boarding facilities can also act as an emergency pet clinic when something bad happens to your pet, as there are animal specialists in the place to look after your pet during emergency situations.

4. Ensure their ID tag is updated

While away, you’ll never know if you can answer your phone most of the time. This is why updating your pet’s ID tags with your phone number or necessary contact details is important. You might not think of this, but if you’ve changed your contact number recently or moved to another home address, you should apply it to their ID tag.

5. Book ahead of time

Finding the best place for your dog to stay and helping them adapt to new buddies and environments is already challenging. However, it is much more irritating to know that your target location has no available spots for the days you’ll be gone. So consider booking a month ahead and prepare to give a deposit to secure the reservation.