5 Reasons to Have Regular Checkups for Your Furry Companion

If cats and dogs can talk like normal people, they can conveniently tell if they are feeling well or not. As everybody knows, pets age 6-7 times faster than humans. So imagine if you didn’t take your pet to a veterinarian for a whole year. This might indicate your furry companion has already developed minor or significant signs of illness that have been neglected for a long time. This is why pet checkups are extremely important. So now, let’s discuss why pet checkups are essential to maintain.

The Importance of Regular Pet Checkups

Annual examinations or routine vet checkups for your furry friend enable your vet to check for early signs of health conditions. They can monitor your pet’s health and provide reliable preventive treatments to protect it from potentially lethal health issues.

Even if you think your pet is very healthy and is always in its finest condition, this doesn’t exempt them from getting annual or regular examinations. So listed below are five reasons why pet checkups should never be skipped.

1. A good time for a question-and-answer session

Routine checkups are the best times to tell the veterinarian a few of your questions. A great working relationship with the veterinarian means you get answers to your questions throughout your pet’s appointments. However, there isn’t sufficient time to get answers to your concerns if you just see your veterinarian during emergency situations.

2. Pets are masters at hiding discomfort

Cats and dogs can still put on a brave face when feeling pain or discomfort from the health condition they are experiencing. However, when you begin to observe symptoms, it shows that they’re in great pain and may not hide it anymore. This is why flea treatment and preventatives, vaccinations, and routine checkups should always be maintained to ensure your pet’s good health.

3. Helps you save money

Early detection of any health conditions in your pet helps save thousands of dollars in long-term and emergency expenses. For example, if diseases like diabetes are detected early, it can help prevent diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), which is pricey to treat. Moreover, other conditions like obesity, hyperthyroidism, and periodontal disease are affordable to treat if identified and treated earlier.

Brushing your furry companion’s teeth daily and routinely taking them to cat teeth cleaning professionals can keep their teeth in optimal condition and prevent periodontal or gum disease.

4. Saves your pet from diseases before they develop

Veterinarians can create a baseline for your furry companion during wellness examinations. The more they see your dog healthy each time you visit, the easier it is for them to recognize what’s wrong, especially if your pet is unhealthy. Early detection through stool, urine, and blood tests can help stop emerging issues before they become serious.

In addition, your veterinarian can advise if your pet will need surgery for a specific condition after an x-ray of their bones, internal organs, and tissues. Curious about what vet surgeons do? You may visit the links to their page for more info on their services.

5. Identifies and prevent problems

Your vet is trained in finding little indications like heart rate, minor swellings, eyes, and even changes in breathing. Routine checkups allow your vet to see subtle clues that might signal a problem or illness.