Burst Water Pipes: The Common Causes

The discovery of a burst pipe is among the most distressing situations a homeowner can have. Unfortunately, burst pipes are a common occurrence in the colder areas of the country. Annually, homeowners encounter this issue. Such pipes are a plumbing emergency since they can cause harm to your precious property and treasured possessions.

Bursts Pipe: What Causes Them?

When water is in a liquid state, its molecules are compressed. However, water starts to freeze as the temperature drops constantly. Furthermore, the molecules in frozen water increase and occupy more room. So, it puts pressure on the pipes, causing them to burst.

Insurance companies think that claims for burst pipes escalate throughout the winter season. However, you must know that extreme cold is not the main cause of the problem. A water disaster in your house can occur for a variety of reasons.

Metals Expansion

The problem, according to homeowners, is caused solely by the cold. However, the expansion of metal in the summer season could result in burst pipes.

The sun’s heat dries the soil surrounding your home. Dry soil also moves around faster than wet soil. The continuous movement of the soil may put excessive pressure on the pipes, leading them to burst. Click here for more info.

Excessive Pressure

Our needs have risen with time. We need a lot of water to wash cars, fill swimming pools, water the garden, and more. Unfortunately, increased water consumption can put too much pressure on your home’s plumbing system. If you do not make the required changes to your plumbing system, you may soon be confronted with the problem of burst pipes. Check this to learn more about water damage restoration.

Clogged Pipes

If the pipes are clogged due to dirt, food particles, oil particles, soap residue, or other waste, pressure will develop inside the pipes. It commonly causes a water backup. However, if you do not address the problem of water backup, it might lead to burst pipes. Therefore, it’s necessary to maintain the plumbing system regularly.

Faulty Plumbing System

Pipes are commonly affected by natural causes like rust. However, the pipes may be damaged if your plumbing contractor made a few mistakes when setting up the plumbing system. For example, indoor flooding can result if he makes the following errors:

  • The pipes are not connected correctly
  • Inaccurate pipes were installed
  • Old rusted pipes are used
  • Failure to remove tree roots that wrap themselves around pipes and cause damage

Hire a Professional Plumber

Burst pipes will cause floods and property damage within the home. For that reason, it is necessary to call a professional plumber immediately. They’ll be able to keep the damage to your property to a minimum. They will also help you dry your home and valuables to prevent mold development in the future.

If you’ve ever had an issue with burst pipes, remember to call a plumbing technician for annual drain cleaning. It will stop you from needing to deal with a water disaster in the future. Visit PuroClean Georgetown for more details.


Now, what can you do to prevent your pipes from bursting? Many experts suggest leaving even a tiny trickle of water running constantly to avoid burst pipes. Since the water is constantly moving, it has little to no probability of freezing. It’s also a great idea to double-check your pipe insulation.

Most importantly, keep track of the weather. Knowing when to expect freezing temperatures is the most effective technique to keep your pipes from freezing. If you do this often, the possibility of your pipes bursting will be significantly reduced.