Common Causes of Lethargy in Dogs

Because most dogs like running and playing, it might be concerning when they become lethargic. Lethargy in dogs can indicate their age and health issues, such as an infection.

Lethargic can be defined differently, but it usually refers to someone slow, inert, or sleepy. Sedentary dogs should be taken to their veterinarian right away.

Healthy dogs might get weary and sluggish at times. This is quite natural, but there are times when it might be alarming. For example, if your dog has been lazy for several days, is acting suspiciously, or has health issues, you should consider taking them to your veterinarian.

Common Reasons for Lethargic Dogs

If your dog appears exhausted and feeble, you should read this article. It will explain why they may be responding in this manner and how you might assist them.


Lethargy can be caused by nothing more than the dog’s natural aging process. The body of your pet ages with them.

As a result, elderly dogs may be less interested in playing or being active. While taking naps and moving more slowly isn’t always a bad thing, it can be if they don’t do it or don’t feel like getting up to eat or drink.


Another typical condition that causes lethargy in dogs is infections. Various illnesses can affect dogs, such as kennel cough, heartworm disease, and parvovirus.

Because these infections force their immune systems to work overtime to eliminate the problem, it can negatively impact their health. This can eventually cause them to become sluggish dogs. Consult your vet for pet dental help.


Low blood sugar levels in the body create this medical ailment. As a result, your dog may get highly exhausted and feeble. If left untreated, the lack of energy from the nourishment will result in a sluggish dog.

Food Poisoning

Another reason for your dog’s drowsiness might be because they ate something unpleasant. For example, if they eat something harmful to them, such as garlic or chocolate, your dog may get weak. If your dog ingests chemicals or other toxic substances, it might be lethal. Visit a vet clinic like Northwest Austin Veterinary Center for more information.

Urinary Tract Disorder

In dogs, a urinary tract infection, or UTI, can cause dangerous germs to grow up in their bodies. As a result, they may experience extreme fatigue as their bodies attempt to combat microorganisms such as E. coli.

A urinary tract condition will make your dog tired, but it can also cause pain, making it difficult for them to pee. This can significantly impact your pet’s health, and it can even be fatal in the long run.


Another cause of lethargy in dogs is drugs that cause them to feel tired. While most drugs come with warnings about this, some pet owners are astonished to see their previously energetic dogs become sedentary after taking them. If your dog shows signs of weakness after starting a new medicine or product, contact your veterinarian.

Heart Problems

The heart provides energy to the body. If your dog’s heart isn’t performing correctly, it may become sluggish due to a lack of blood flow. If the lethargy caused by cardiac problems is not treated soon, it can escalate to significant complications such as congestive heart failure. Appetite loss and fast breathing are other possible side effects. Visit this website for more details.