Everything About Oppo Find X2 Pro

OPPO has unleashed its original premium flagship smartphone in more than a year – but do not worry, it has definitely been worth the wait.

It has been a long time coming, but Oppo Locate X2 Pro is finally here.
The unit is the latest effort in the Shenzhen-based company to ape Apple and Samsung.

And how can Oppo plan to stick out from the crowd?

Previous handsets from the Chinese tech giant have been masterfully crafted — the first Find X is surely the best example of the thanks to its truly all-screen design that came in a time rival devices were content with notches or hole punches. But although they looked the part, preceding Oppo telephones are pretty messy when it comes to applications and functionality. But, Oppo has obviously learned a thing or two in the past year or so.

The Locate X2 Pro does not just depend on the company’s proven design characteristics, in addition, it comes with a superb software experience and a spec sheet powerful enough.

The Locate X2 Pro is the first phone from Oppo that performs as well as it seems. Safe to say, this phone has set the bar for 2020 flagships going forward. Here’s everything you will need to know about it…

Oppo Locate X2 Pro not only oozes class in its orange vegan leather end, but the handset also has arguably the best screen on a smartphone. The Locate X2 Pro is the first telephone since the original Locate X which in fact turns heads. Family and friends have stopped me from chatting to discover more about it if that is not the indication of a really magnificent smartphone design. Oppo gave us the vegan leather version of the Find X2 Pro to review that comes in a bright orange, albeit not quite as flashy as McLaren’s signature cherry orange.

Of course, Oppo has gone above and beyond to create the Locate X2 Pro seem like a luxury device deserving of its #1,099 price tag. The Chinese company has colored the telephone’s aluminum chassis gold, and it has set its branding on a gold accent on the phone’s back, too.

The Oppo Locate X2 Pro includes a 6.7-inch OLED screen that not only has a pixel-packed resolution of 1440p, but also a super-smooth 120Hz refresh rate. On top of that, the phone does not make you choose between a high refresh rate or resolution like Samsung’s more expensive Galaxy S20 Ultra, either.

You can have both enabled at once in the event you would like to take complete advantage of the ideal smartphone display around. There is so much to appreciate about the Locate X2 Pro’s screen.

The 120Hz refresh rate and the 240Hz signature sampling rate make browsing round the phone’s user interface feel like butter. If you have never used a high refresh rate screen before, you won’t have the ability to return to 60Hz after using Oppo’s most recent handset.

Better yet, the phone has its own vision motor which could be used to increase the frame rate of online videos to 60-frames-per-second. This means everything will seem that much smoother when you are binging on the likes of YouTube.

Among the most underrated areas of the new screen is just how bright it could get. The touchscreen maxes-out in 1,200 nits which means you will never struggle to view content while using the telephone, even in bright sunshine. Our main disappointment with Oppo Locate X2 Pro’s screen is that it does not provide a really all-screen experience due to its hole punch housing one 32-megapixel selfie camera.

Though the cutout itself is tiny and unobtrusive, it does not feel like Oppo has really pushed the boundaries of smartphone design ahead of the Locate X2 Guru like it did with the first Find X back in 2018. The first Find X was something special because it provided Android lovers a vision of Oppo’s smartphone potential. The Locate X2 Pro is an amazing looking device, but it is certainly more content with adapting to smartphone standards than its predecessor.

We were expecting big things from the Locate X2 series regarding design, as well as its credit, Oppo has not really disappointed. But if you’re expecting to see something truly futuristic, the Locate X2 does not really deliver.