Getting High in Thailand: A Tourist’s Guide to Marijuana

Many have visited Thailand’s bright, laid-back climate and thought all this place is missing is cannabis. For the record, weed has always been available there, but selling or using it has resulted in severe punishments. Thai prisons are infamously horrible. However, marijuana regulations have been softening worldwide, leading many to wonder if Thailand might decriminalize pot. 2022 brought change. When you go down Chiang Mai’s streets and see a shop with a blazing neon pot leaf, wonder, is cannabis legal in Thailand? Thankfully, yeah. Here’s what you need to know.

Why was marijuana legalized in Thailand?

Marijuana is viewed as a new industry by the Thai government. According to the Thai Industrial Hemp Trade Association, the marijuana-related sector is worth 40 billion baht ($1.15 billion) and is predicted to expand to 70 billion baht by 2024. According to the Global Cannabis Report, the legal cannabis sector is currently worth $100 billion globally.

There is also a political motivation: the ruling coalition’s Bhumjaithai Party announced marijuana legalization as a campaign pledge in late 2018, ahead of a major election the following spring.

The party, which has a stronghold in Thailand’s impoverished northeast, recommended delisting marijuana as a narcotic and making growing available to anyone wishing to make money. Many farmers bought into the goal of being able to raise a profitable crop, and now they have the opportunity to pursue it four years later.

Who is permitted to smoke cannabis?

Cannabis is lawful for people over 20 who are not pregnant or breastfeeding.

Where exactly can you use it?

A great marijuana strain can be smoked at home, and cannabis-infused foods can be consumed at a licensed restaurant. Marijuana smoking in public locations, including schools, temples, and shopping malls, can result in a 25,000 baht ($750) fine and a three-month prison sentence. People should be mindful of not “encroaching” on the space of others.

Where can you buy it?

There are over 5,000 marijuana dispensaries around the country selling cannabis flowers, pre-rolled joints, sweets with less than 0.2% THC, infused foods, and CBD oil. You can find a good cannabis shop in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Pattaya. However, attempt to buy from reliable, licensed establishments.

Can you cultivate it?

Individuals must register with the country’s Food and Drug Administration to cultivate cannabis strains like White Runtz. Permission is also required to use cannabis flower buds for study, export, or commercial processing.

How much can you consume?

There is no limit to personal consumption. However, the ministry’s advice against driving after smoking.

What is still prohibited?

Tourists are not permitted to bring any part of the plant or its seeds into or out of the country. Furthermore, possessing extracts with THC levels greater than 0.2% necessitates permission, which visitors are unlikely to obtain.


Thailand is now the first Asian country to legalize marijuana and allow personal use, growing, and possession, but there are still dos and don’ts around its use. Following the decriminalization of cannabis in Thailand on June 9, 2022, it is critical to understand what is and is not lawful. The Royal Thai Government prioritizes the safety and well-being of all visitors to Thailand. As the primary government agency in charge of promoting and marketing Thailand as a preferred destination, the Tourism Authority of Thailand is collaborating closely with all relevant public and private organizations to make every effort to avoid any unfortunate incidents involving tourists and local Thais.