How Oral Tumors in Dogs Are Treated

Tumors are a disease that can have fatal consequences. This abnormal growth of cells may be cancerous and require extensive treatment to cure. Having a tumor is a serious thing and being able to get treatment is an important matter. The same is true for our pets.

Tumors bring severe symptoms to our pets. They may cause pain and discomfort for prolonged periods of time. We must act quickly at the first sign of oral tumors. We have to get in touch with specialists to get rid of this terrible disease before it’s too late.

Common Tumor Treatments

Oral tumors are the most common type that our pets may have. These issues can be due to several factors, and our pets’ mouths are the parts they use on everything they do. These issues can severely hamper our pets’ function and degrade their quality of life, not to mention the pain and discomfort that they may have been experiencing. You can also search online for, “animal hospital near me” to find a nearby vet clinic.

Luckily, there are veterinary dentists and surgeons that can take care of these problems for us. The expertise they have could be an invaluable resource we can tap on to have these tumors removed. Being able to treat these diseases can save our pet’s life. There are a lot of treatments that vets can use to treat tumors, depending on which one they think would be more effective. If you are interested in what these particular treatments are, here are some tumor treatments you should know about;


The most common treatment to eradicate a tumor is through surgery. This specific treatment is used if the tumor has not spread and has been isolated in a certain location. This would be the best treatment that pets can benefit from, as this is quicker than other tumor treatments. You can click this link to learn more about pet surgery.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is commonly used if a tumor has spread in other parts of our pets’ oral area. Radiation therapy needs multiple sessions to effectively take effect. Each of these sessions could take some time to complete and may cause our pet to be highly stressed. Getting oral surgery is commonly preferred over radiation therapy for pets. You can check on a vet’s website to get more info on pet dentistry and surgery for oral issues

Systemic Therapy

Systemic therapy is also a treatment for cancerous cells that may have developed from tumors. A type of systemic therapy is chemotherapy, where medication is injected into a patient’s body to destroy cancer cells. This therapy does have some negative side effects that may be manageable, but having our pet cured will be the outcome. The number of sessions of chemotherapy could also be based on the spread of cancer cells and how it has affected certain parts of our pet’s body. Being able to know how to take care of your pet between sessions is an important part of their recovery.


Oral tumors are fairly common in pets. These issues are usually experienced in a specific part of our pet’s body; their mouth. Our pet’s mouths are the most used part of their body, and this is an important part of their daily activities. When they have oral tumors, the quality of their life decreases, and they may experience chronic pain. It is important that they are spared from this discomfort, and we can do this by getting the services of specialists to address these issues.