Reasons Why Your Pet May Need Oral or Maxillofacial Surgery

Veterinary surgical procedures are not limited to only spaying and neutering. Surgical procedures can be as common for our pets due to a lot of factors. These factors could be triggered by their activities or accidents that they may have encountered. Being able to know what surgical procedures are available for your pet is an advantage pet owners should consider.

Our pets’ have a part of their body that they use on everything they do; their mouths. Our pets’ mouths are tools that go beyond eating. They use it for grooming, playing, and exploring things they are curious about. Having their mouth healthy makes their quality of life and functions better.

Common Causes of Oral and Facial Surgeries on Pets

Since our pets’ mouths are used in everything they do, we cannot prevent that there may be some problems that they would encounter with it. The problems our pets might have with their oral health may require the help of veterinary dentists or surgeons. The services of these veterinary specialists may be an invaluable resource to keep our pet healthy and ensure our pet gets the right treatment. You can get more information by visitng a vet clinic’s website.

The causes of oral problems that may lead to surgical procedures can usually be detected early with frequent veterinary visits or through observation by pet owners. Having the ability to recognize some warning signs of these conditions spares our pets from pain. If you are curious on what are the common issues that would require dental surgery for our pets, here are a few of the most common oral and maxillofacial issues that our pets may encounter;


Oral tumors are a common issue that plagues dogs. These unusual growth of cells are cancerous and must be treated urgently by a specialist. These oral problems are very difficult to detect and require a vet from veterinary surgery Kingman AZ to discover. A surgical procedure would be recommended for these problems.


Accidents may happen to our pets, and some are unavoidable. Depending on the level of the injury, the treatment usually ends up in a veterinary emergency. Trauma can be from lacerations, broken teeth, or fractured bones. These injuries require a maxillofacial surgery to resolve. Emergencies like these are best handled by veterinary surgeons and a pet dentist.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal diseases are common among pets, and veterinary dentists are the ones who handle these issues. This disease may cause tooth loss, chronic pain, and gum erosion. When a pet has an infection, the best thing a pet owner can do would be to bring the animal to a vet dentist to prevent the symptoms from worsening.


Our pets use their mouths for everything they do on a daily basis. This part of their body commonly has problems that can lead to a veterinary emergency. The symptoms of the oral disease could worsen and be a cause of pain for our pets. Luckily, the services of veterinary dentists and surgeons can handle these problems effectively. Being able to tap on their services whenever we need them is an advantage pet owners enjoy.