The Importance of Dental Health of Pet

To celebrate, I thought I would share the top 10 reasons dental care for pets is important to furry children and their parents. Your pet’s oral health is just as important as the own-it can prevent heart damage and other health problems. 

This goes-please feels free to talk about these with your friends so Most of Us know how important this is:

  1. A pet with healthy teeth is a furry friend with greater breadth. I think everyone understands that’ true-it’s the same for human beings, right?
  2. Dental disease in animals may result in problems with different organs, like the heart. Baby teeth that don’t drop out may lead to problems, too. Did you know that adult dogs have 42 teeth and full-grown cats have 30? If all a dog’s or cat’s baby teeth don’t come out, it can lead to gum irritation and tartar buildup.
  3. Periodontal disease can be caused by plaque buildup. For this reason, it is important to remove plaque from your pet’s teeth. Keep reading-we’ll go into “the way” in a little bit.
  4. Pets that don’t receive dental care can lose their teeth.
  5. Cats and dogs are great at hiding pain-you might now understand there’s a problem until it’s serious.
  6. Teeth use out-as down they wear, the tooth root might become vulnerable which may be debilitating.

Dental care for pets can be very expensive if you do it at a vet’s office. That might not be so bad for you personally, but if you have multiple pets, then that bill could run-up in the thousands. Who can afford these days?

Save yourself some money and Have a Look at a few ways to handle animal dental health at home:


Offer your dog chewy bones. Chewy bones are made especially to prevent periodontal disease. That’s when bacteria causes the teeth to become inflamed which induces loose teeth.

Chew-bone toys also help eliminate plaque and encourage good breath.


Yes, brush your pet’s teeth. Locate a toothbrush that will fit your pet’s mouth-they are made for both dogs and cats. Try to find a toothpaste that has a wonderful flavor, like vanilla, and look for the ingredient “chlorohexidine”, which helps fight gum disease and germs.

If this sounds difficult to you, here are a couple of videos that show how to do it…


There are products you can add to your pet’s water to destroy germs that cause bad breath. Additionally, it cleans your pet’s teeth.

There are also treats available for dogs and cats that wash their teeth and freshen their breath by using chlorophyll. We have all heard of “Greenies”, correct?

What Have We Learned?

It is safe to say the motives for getting dental care for pets are the same reasons we’ve got it for human beings. Fantastic breath and preventing damage to other organs are important for everyone.

If you would like to take your pets to the vet because of their dental care but can not afford it, you may check into pet insurance to find out whether a dental program is provided (again, exactly like ours!).

I would really like to hear any thoughts you need to keep your pet’s teeth clean. Perhaps you’ve done something that wasn’t covered here.

Pet Dental Care & Cleaning

At Animal Hospital of North Asheville, our veterinarians offer high-quality dental care for your dogs and cats, such as teeth whitening, dental check-ups, and dental operations in Asheville vet.

You may be surprised to learn that periodontal disease is the most common disease for pets. Just like humans, they can also suffer from cavities, orthodontic problems, and broken teeth.

Our veterinary staff offers complete veterinary pet dental care, such as dental surgeries, dental x-rays, cleaning and polishing your pet’s teeth, and educating you on house dental care choices.