Things To Do To Keep Your Pet Healthy

These basic tips are intended as a resource for those of you who are new to pet possession or are thinking of getting your first cat or dog. Experienced pet owners are going to understand most of these details already! 

Food and beverage

  • Make sure that your pet has access to fresh water. Change this daily.
  • Push cats twice a day with premium excellent cat food.
  • Pet dogs once or twice daily, but use premium-quality puppy food. Make sure they have a mix of dry biscuits and moist tinned meals.
  • Feed puppies and kittens on little amounts of soft food 3 to 5 times every day until their teeth are powerful enough to get dried food.


  • This might help stave off several common small ailments.
  • The dangers of worms are not to be underestimated.
  • Utilize a natural health solution to maintain ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes off your dog.


  • It is critical to train your dog. They are more sterile and less inclined to be involved in fights and accidents. Once trained, you can present your dog with much greater liberty as you know that he/she could be trusted.
  • Cats ought to be toilet trained whenever possible and educated a scratching post is the only permitted place for them to sharpen their claws.

Play and exercise

  • Dogs need to be exercised every day without fail. Ideally two times every day. Letting him run across the backyard on his own doesn’t count. Enjoy the time that you spend walking along with your pet and it’s good exercise for you too!
  • Cats kept inside at any time need a litter tray and this needs to be changed daily. Cats will exercise themselves satisfactorily if you let them outside every day. Better yet, fit a cat flap and allow them to choose when they go out. But keep them inside from dusk till dawn. If he’s getting overweight, then you need to decrease the food somewhat and get him some more exercise. If he is off his food entirely, then there may be an underlying health issue that needs attention.
  • Make sure that your pet has a couple of toys to play with. Dogs love rubber balls or bones to chew and squeaky toys also. Cats love scratching towers, toy mice, and string.
  • Take time to get to know your pet. When you truly get to learn your pet’s character and physical appearance, you’ll realize that you can quickly identify any injuries and illnesses that are developing.


  • Grooming is essential for dogs and cats. Long-haired cats need to be groomed more often than short-haired breeds, but you ought to groom shorter-haired ones too. Dogs and cats like to be stroked. It’s a good bonding exercise that also enables you to analyze your pet’s hair and skin for any issues.
  • Dogs need to be bathed periodically and use a unique pet shampoo for this function as many human shampoos or shower gels will irritate. After every 2 weeks is about perfect. Their skin may get irritated with bathing too frequently. Cats clean themselves so don’t try to wash your cat!


  • Spay/neuter your creature. Neutered animals are better behaved and don’t contribute to the countless tens of thousands of homeless cats and dogs. Dogs and cats that have never been neutered will probably be at the beck and call of their hormones. They will drift far and wide searching for a mate and are more likely to get into road accidents and struggles.

Care for Puppies & Kittens

Every time a new puppy or kitten is introduced to your house, it’s an exciting time! The newest member of this family can’t help but bring a smile to everybody’s face.

As fun as a new kitten or pup maybe, some severe health issues have to be taken care of over the course of their first season.

Your Santa Clarita vet will develop a customized plan to meet your pet’s requirements over the course of their first year and will make sure that you get lots of support and guidance throughout the procedure.

Valencia Veterinary Center vets are here to give you advice, guidance, and the highest possible quality of care throughout your kitty or puppy’s important first year of life. Learn more about cat vaccinations, visit Valencia vets.