What You Need to Learn About Using a Water Truck to Fill a Pool

If you’ve recently installed a new pool or had it drained for repairs and now need to replenish it, there are a few filling options. You might use your yard hose, but this is widely regarded as inefficient and costly. Renting a water truck is a more efficient choice. Water trucks are tanker trucks equipped to transfer large amounts of water to areas where swimming pools and other landscaping projects require a high volume of water. Using a water truck is more cost-effective than filling a pool with a garden hose and ensures that your pool is full significantly faster.

What is a water truck?

A water truck is a huge vehicle with a rear-mounted tank that is used to transport water between locations, most notably when swimming pools or large landscaped bodies of water need to be filled. These trucks are equipped with back or side nozzles that control and direct water flow as it is emptied and can also be used in road washing.


The tank capacity of a water truck varies depending on the nature of the job. Water tanks are cylindrical rather than rectangular to minimize structural weak points that require further reinforcement.

Why use a water truck?

There are various advantages to using a water truck to fill your pool rather than using water from your home, beginning with spring or distilled water that can be treated with pool chemicals or salt before use. This is advantageous if you reside in a remote place where the only water source is a well. Additionally, the large amount of water required to fill a swimming pool may cause damage to or failure of your good pump.


Having a water truck fill your pool may be less expensive if you have a high water bill. Hiring a water delivery truck saves you money because you are not responsible for the cost after the fact. While it may seem handy to fill your pool with water from your garden hose, this is not the case. A standard garden hose is capable of filling a swimming pool in 12 to 24 hours. For each tanker, a water supply vehicle can fill your pool in around 45 minutes.

How much time does a water truck need to fill a pool?

The time necessary to fill your pool by a water truck significantly depends on its size and dimensions. Certain water truck providers like brightwaterservices.ca calculate your pool’s water requirements by multiplying the pool’s length, breadth, and depth, with certain pool form adjustments. Typically, one water truck tanker takes roughly 45 minutes to empty into a pool.

How are water trucks used to fill your pool?

First, determine the distance between your pool and a water truck parking area. The ability of a water truck to appropriately dump its water is restricted by distance. They will almost certainly park with their backs to the pool, as this will be the location of their gigantic drainage nozzles. Once the truck’s drainage hoses are connected, the operator will allow water to enter the pool. Because the hoses used are quite larger than those used on a garden hose, the water truck tank fills faster than a garden hose. Visit this page to learn more. 


Employing a water truck delivery service is a fantastic alternative when your pool requires filling. You will almost undoubtedly save money on your water bill in addition to the time and human labor associated with standard pool filling methods.